Recipe: Stirfry Mince meat and Tofu

Yey for a recipe! \o/

Since arriving back, I think I’ve been getting more heaty easily due to the heat and oily food that has been in abundance. Am trying very hard to cool down by comsuming more cooling food and drinking more water (guilty of not doing enough) and it has been helping a lot.

While cooking the mid week dinner, I wanted to try a different mince meat and tofu recipe instead of the usual Mapo Tofu, so I googled and stumbled upon a post in Noob Cook. Such a simple post title and the way wiffy described was enough for me to go ahead with the recipe.




Frying everything together!


The final product, didn’t have spring onions so those were ommited.

I had to say, this dish was splendid even though we cut back on the chili and used a little more dark soy sauce than needed. It is such a fast and simple dish to make for a mid week meal, and the family certainly enjoyed it!

Stirfry Mince Meat and Tofu
Recipe from Noob Cook

Hope you guys try this recipe yourselves, it is really delicious~


**Disclaimer: My cooking is really dependent on the term agak agak (which means to estimate and go with the flow), I do try to follow but its sometimes better to just do what you think needs to be done, but I will note if there are changes made to recipes.

2 thoughts on “Recipe: Stirfry Mince meat and Tofu

  1. Hi Beanie, thanks for trying out the recipe and you presented it well =) sometimes, I add prawns and mushrooms to make this dish more exciting. By the way, you can share your photo at the NC Facebook page if you like to =)

    • Hello, thank you for your kind comment and for sharing your recipe in the first place! 😀 Will definitely try out your recommendation next time. I shall see about the photo, its not exactly pleasent to look at, will do a retake and post it!


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